Official #RTBD Merch Kit for Bar-Raisers

Engaging in responsible resource recovery practices (like recycling those glass bottles!) has never looked cooler. :)

Establishments that demonstrate proof of their glass bottle recycling program will receive the following items via our Merch Kit. Please click the links for more details (including standard quantities) about each.


Official #RTBD Shirts

With tasteful, bold-printed slogans like "If The Bartender Isn't Recycling, Neither Are You" and "Proudly #RaisingTheBar Since 2017", your customers won't be able to help but notice how responsible your establishment is. Which is exactly what we're hoping for. :)


Official #RTBD Posters

Imagine a giant, bold poster in your entrance room (or above the urinal in the men's room) that proudly proclaims "There are 1,168 bars & restaurants in Dallas. 50 of them recycle. We're one of them." Your customers will appreciate the effort. We just need to let them know about it. :)


Official CAP Stands + CAPs

The fulcrum of our campaign to promote glass bottle recycling in the local service industry, our trademark Community Awareness Proclamation (CAPs) not only market your establishment's own recycling efforts, they simultaneously encourage others to join you. Thank you for helping us build this culture in Dallas. 

Official #RTBD Displays

As part of our Mission to raise awareness about the issue of glass bottle recycling, we've teamed up with local artists to create a series of custom table displays, each uniquely striking in composition, and educational in nature. Now your customers will be able to read about your responsible resource recovery practices while they await their ice-cold beverage. :)

Official #RTBD Buttons

Especially handy for establishments unable to use #RTBD Tee Shirts (due to uniform requirements, policy, etc.), our 2 x 2 circular buttons feature simple, tasteful, bold-printed slogans like "Ask Me If I Recycle" and "Proudly #RaisingTheBar Since 2017". With these babies, your customers won't be able to help but notice how responsible your establishment is. And they'll be impressed.

Official #RTBD Coasters

Shaped just like our trademark POGs (so... circles :D ) and featuring bold colors & striking facts about glass bottle recycling, our coasters are sure to draw attention to your establishment's environmental efforts. They'll make your customers feel better about drinking that tasty beverage, and they'll help our Coalition foster a culture of responsible recycling in Dallas.