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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

About #RaiseTheBarDallas (#RTBD)

  1. What is #RaiseTheBarDallas (#RTBD)?
  2. What does #RTBD do?
  3. Who started #RTBD?
  4. When will #RTBD launch?
  5. Why glass bottles?  
  6. Why now?
  7. Does #RTBD charge any fees to join The LIST?
  8. How does #RTBD make money?
  9. Why is #RTBD only in Dallas?
  10. How can my recycling / waste company become an approved #RTBD vendor?

Inaugural Campaign (Glass Bottle Recycling)

  1. Why will #RTBD focus on glass bottles during its inaugural campaign?
  2. Why is glass bottle recycling important?
  3. Why don't more bars & restaurants recycle already?
  4. I own/work at a bar/restaurant/hotel. How can I get my establishment on The LIST?
  5. Who is eligible for The LIST?
  6. How can I encourage/get my favorite bar/restaurant to recycle/join #RTBD?
  7. I know a bar that claims to recycle, but they are not on The LIST. Why?

Glass Bottle Recycling

  1. Is All Glass Recyclable?
  2. Do I Need to Separate My Bottles by Color?
  3. What's Involved with Bottle Recycling for a Bar/Restaurant?
  4. Does the City of Dallas Provide Recycling Bins for Glass Bottles?
  5. Isn't Reuse Better Than Recycling?
  6. How Come Some States Offer Money Back for Bottles?
  7. Will Texas Ever Pass a Bottle Bill?
  8. If Glass Recycling Makes So Much Sense (pun intended!), Why Doesn't the City Take Care of It? 
  9. Why Do You Keep Saying "Responsible resource Recovery Practices" Instead of Just "Glass Recycling" or "Recycling"?