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Get (Certifiably) Green.

The term "green", much like "natural", has become as much a marketing term as a process-based one, with corporate giants......... The notion of what constitutes being "green" is as frustratingly murky/undefinable as "natural", with using both the phrase and the color, itself, with corporate giants and green industry actors alike using the term and the color itself to prey on unsuspecting consumers and reap the associated marketing benefits. as  connotations of "going green" are so varied as to have lost all meaning.

That murkiness has lent itself to an ever-increasing plethora of third-party approval processes, from audits, approval processes (like #RTBD), and certifications. Being certifiably green, however, is a real thing. has been inconsistently used by so many individuals, 

replete with 3 levels (Bronze, Silver, and Gold). Not all businesses are eligible at this time (the minimum size is 20,000ft2), but if the program is successful - and we, at #RTBD, have reason to believe it will be - the City looks poised to expand the program to include small businesses of all sizes.

"Go green" now and reap the benefits before they become so commonplace as to be expected.

To view the official City of Dallas Certified Green Business guide, click here.