If your bartender isn't recycling, neither are you.

Here (below) are 10 ways you & your friends can get involved RIGHT NOW.

To get a complete up-to-date list of which bars in Dallas are currently recycling, click here.

1. Support Establishments that are Recycling

     Check The List to find out which bars are currently recycling. Once you know who they are, frequent them, thank them, hashtag them (see #3! :D ), celebrate them. There is no law or ordinance (yet!) requiring bars & restaurants in Dallas to engage in responsible resource management practices like recycling, composting, etc. The pioneers that engage in these practices right now should - correction, need to - be celebrated!

2. Speak Up (Politely!) at Establishments that aren't Recycling

     Check The List to find out which bars are recycling. If a bar/restaurant you're going to isn't on the list, speak up! Talk to your bartender, your waiter/waitress, or even (better yet!) a manager. Let them know you notice, and that you wish they did this for you & the community and our environment. Better yet, write a letter letting them know that you'd like to see them recycling (& composting, etc.) at their restaurant. We are constantly amazed at how much weight our words carry at establishments that care, and how graciously our words & suggestion are received.

3. Get (& USE!) Some Pogs


3. Use the Hashtag!

     And by the hashtag, we mean #raisethebar, of course! :D Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Foursquare - whatever your preferred social media, if you can hashtag your posts, it will truly make a difference. The idea is NOT too shame establishments that don't engage in the practices you want to see, it's to show them that collectively we, as residents of Dallas, recognize it. We believe that our acknowledgement of the facts, alone, is enough to generate the change that we want to see. People are good. And when they're not, businesses are smart. They'll get the idea... if you hashtag it! :)

4. Facebook'em!!

Share videos & pictures from our links/database page, as well as your own personal experiences.

5. Write a review!!

6. Spread the Word

     We cannot emphasize enough how important this is. We're a grassroots campaign(!), which means we need all the "people power" help we can get. If you believe in our mission & would like to see change, PLEASE tell your friends, family, & fellow Dallasites about the campaign - especially this website, the issue of glass bottle recycling, and how they can get involved today (tell them about #3, the POGS!). Thank you, thank you, thank you.

7. Donate

8. Volunteer