Pledge. Recycle. Feel Good. Profit. Repeat.

Being environmentally-responsible is about to become profitable

Here, in 6 easy steps, is how to Raise Your Bar:

Step 1: Sign the Pledge

Step 2: Sign up for Service

Step 3: Start Recycling!

Step 4: Proof of Recycling (POUR) form

Step 5: Rock Your Merch!

Step 6: Stay in Touch


Step 1: Sign The PLEDGE

Click the button below and sign The PLEDGE. Our staff will be notified immediately and your establishment will appear on The LIST (in alphabetical order) as "Pledged" within 24 hours. You'll then have 2 weeks to complete Steps 2-4 (see below).

While you don't technically need to complete Step 1 in order to proceed to Steps 2 or 3, we highly recommend doing so since A) it will place your establishment on The LIST immediately, and B) it will provide you with a firm deadline (2 weeks; see Step 3, below) to help you stay motivated.

Step 2: Sign Up for (Responsible) Service

You'll need to procure a local service provider willing to sign our Responsible Recovery Standards for Vendors (RRSV) form. Acceptable service providers include collection companies and (if you're able to deliver the recyclables yourself) processors. Click the buttons below for tips on how to locate a service provider or to see a list of pre-approved #RTBD providers.

Please note that the provider you select will be responsible for vouching for your recycling activities throughout the duration of your listing unless or until #RTBD is notified otherwise. 



Step 3: Start Recycling!

Congratulations! You've done the legwork and selected a vendor to partner with on your new program. Now it's time to get to work - and by work, we mean recycling those glass bottles. 

Recycling isn't rocket science - in many cases, it will simply entail the slightest change of protocol - but there is a big difference between a dumpster and a program. Contracting for a recycling bin, alone, won't get your recycling done, but with a firm commitment and the right attitude, your program will be easy, effective, and profitable. Remember, we picked glass bottles for our inaugural campaign for a reason.

Some service providers offer staff orientations and training (including tours), equipment (including indoor & outdoor containers), signage about the program, and

Step 4: Submit Your Proof of Recycling (POUR) Form

Once you've selected a service provider and begun recycling at your establishment, you (or your service provider, if they provide this service) will need to submit your initial Proof of Recycling (POUR) form. The POUR form is how #RTBD tracks which establishments are recycling during a given month. You must submit your first POUR form within 2 weeks of signing the PLEDGE.

Upon approving your establishment's initial POUR form, it's status on The LIST will move from "Pledged" to "Confirmed". Congratulations! And please note that your establishment - not the recycling service provider you select (which may or may not provide this service on your behalf) - is solely responsible for ensuring it's presence on The LIST.


Step 5: Receive Your Merch!

Once your Proof of Recycling (POuR) form has been submitted & approved, one of #RTBD's Partners or volunteers will hand-deliver your Merch Kit. Receive your #RTBD benefits: Merch kit, listing. and all of the other good stuff associated with being environmentally-friendly. (increased brand awareness, customer loyalty, etc.)

Step 6: Keep Recycling & Stay in Touch!

You'll need to submit a copy of your #RTBD Proof of Recycling to us (either here or to by 8am on the first Friday of each month in order for your listing to remain valid that month. If your listing becomes invalid, you will need to re-submit your PLEDGE (Step 1) and .

Please note that each establishment may only receive 1 (one) Bar-Raiser Merch Kit. Also please note again that bottle-serving establishments themselves (i.e. bars & restaurants) - and not the collection companies (which may or may not offer to provide this service on your behalf) - are solely responsible for ensuring and maintaining their listing.