Sometimes, the truth hurts. (RR, 2013)

Sometimes, the truth hurts. (RR, 2013)

Proof of Recycling

You've decided to become one with your values by signing our pledge. Awesome!

The next step is to arrange for 

In a perfect world, validating your recycling program would be easy - you'd just submit a copy of a signed Service Agreement with your local collection service, and voila! However, the world (and city) we live in is decidedly different.

With that in mind... #RTBD has done a lot of the legwork for you, compiling a list of collection companies, aggregators, and processing facilities that demonstrably prove the glass they handle gets recycled at a 90% rate or higher. But that doesn't mean there aren't other, below-the-radar companies in the Metroplex capable of doing the same great work upon request (one of the neat things about this campaign is that if it works, more local haulers will accept & responsibly recycle glass!). 


Glass is a relatively low-value commodity. If you're not paying to recycle it, it's probably not being recycled.

If they have the word "waste" in their name... think twice.



Responsible recycling means 

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