Our Coalition

We, at Recycle Revolution (RR), knew we'd need a collective, community-wide effort to help us Raise The Bar on responsible resource recovery practices in Dallas...

... but we could never have imagined the amount of support we've receive from such reputable and caring institutions.

Today, our Coalition includes an incredibly diverse - and growing - number of North Texas non-profits, green industry enterprises, philanthropists, municipalities, concerned residents, and 50 of Dallas's most conscientious bars & restaurants.

We are united by our opposition to the systematic landfilling & incineration of local recoverable resources; our belief in education as a catalyst for positive change; and our desire to make Dallas a better place.

This city is our community, and we want to make it a cleaner, healthier, and more prosperous one to live, work, and play in.

Please click the buttons below to view a full list of the people & organizations who make #RTBD possible, and to find out how to join us.