To foster a culture of responsible resource recovery practices in the Dallas service industry, beginning with glass bottle recycling.


1. Educate our friends, family, neighbors, and fellow Dallas residents about issues that uniquely concerns their health, environment, and economy;

2. Provide them with a modern, easily accessible database of local bars & restaurants that embrace responsible resource recovery practices;

3. Create & encourage easy, actionable tasks that offer consumers a means by which to make the change they want to see at the establishments they care about & frequent;

4. Provide local bar & restaurant owners & decision-makers the ability to pledge their support (and receive the corresponding benefits) with a click of a button.


#Raisethebardallas is a grassroots initiative created by Recycle Revolution and supported by a diverse, voluntary coalition of North Texas-based non-profits, philanthropists, media members, green industry enterprises, concerned residents (like you!), and 50 of Dallas's most conscientious bars & restaurants.

We are united by our opposition to the systematic landfilling & incineration of local recoverable resources; by our belief in education as a catalyst for positive change; and by our desire to help make Dallas a better place. 

This city is our community, and we want to make it a cleaner, healthier, and more prosperous one to live, work, and play in.


We, the folks at Recycle Revolution (RR), started this campaign because we believe responsible resource recovery practices (like recycling) are important for our communityeasy to do, and that when others understand how truly important those practices are and how easy they are to do, they'll do them - and demand them - too.

We've always believed very strongly in education & communication as catalysts for positive change in society, and this campaign is simply an extension (albeit a kind of imaginative one!) of that.

To that end, since 2013, RR has periodically posted a list (called The List) on social media featuring local bars & restaurants that recycle their glass bottles (we periodically post a similar one featuring establishments that compost, too). The public response to The List has been awesome - voluminous, passionate, inspiring - and the realization that the people of North Texas continue to be as bewildered as we are about the lack of recycling in the service industry convinced us that a concerted grassroots awareness campaign could spark the change so many of us want to see.

We decided to call the campaign "raisethebar" because we know that the local service industry can do better, but only if its leaders stand up first.

We put the word "dallas" on the end of it because we think there are other communities - both in the U.S. & elsewhere - that face the same issues we do, and who might find this platform helpful in accomplishing the change they want to see in their respective communities.

We put a #hashtag on it because we know that big, behavior-changing efforts like this campaign can only work if we do it together.


#Raisethebardallas will go public on June 1, 2018.

But you can help us right now.