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The Partner Pledge

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Are you authorized by law to sign on behalf of the above-mentioned organization?
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#RTBD uses Community Activist Pieces (CAPs) to help affect change in Dallas at a grassroots level. Are you willing and able to allow #RTBD to place CAPs and CAP dispensers at your organization's location?
#RTBD uses tee shirts in order to help spread the word about our campaign, website, and the issues we. Is your staff willing and able to wear #RTBD tee shirts?
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#RTBD provides Partners with a number of #RTBD merch items. Which of the items below are you interested in receiving? (Please check all that apply)
By clicking "SUBMIT", you are creating a legally-binding entity between the above-mentioned organization and #RaiseTheBarDallas (#RTBD). You Pledge to help #RTBD achieve its Mission by 1) Educating your employees, customers, and residents of Dallas about the issue of glass bottle recycling in the Dallas service industry; and 2) Raising awareness about #RTBD: it's website, Mission, and current campaign (to promote glass bottle recycling in Dallas).