The signature piece of our Merch Kit (and the identifier of our campaign), POG Dispensers allows #RTBD partners to simultaneously educate customers, promote our campaign, and Bar-Raisers in one fell swoop. Combine them with an orientation and tour of one of our Partner recycling facilities

Because POG Dispensers and POGs are surrogate educators for #RTBD, Partners need to tour and participate in an educational orientation at an approved #RTBD educational facility prior to receiving them.

Each of our partners will receive an official #RTBD Pog Dispenser, along with a full, refillable (for one month) stock of 1,000 POGS.

POGs themselves (which are printed variously with both recycled & pristine materials) are brightly colored, with individual messages ranging in tone from subtle ("I wish you'd recycle here.") to activist ("I'll be back... when you start recycling.").