Step 3: Start Recycling!

Congratulations! You've done the legwork and selected a vendor to partner with on your new program. Now it's time to get to work - and by work, we mean recycling those glass bottles.

Recycling isn't rocket science - in many cases, it will mean the slightest changes of protocol - but there is a big difference between a dumpster and a program. While locating a responsible company to provide & collect your recycling bin(s) is a big part of the process, ultimately your program's success relies on you.

Luckily, with a firm commitment (you already signed The PLEDGE, right?) and a positive attitude (you're doing something good AND profitable, remember!), recycling will become second-nature in no time.

It's definitely worth mentioning that, in addition to providing equipment (including indoor & outdoor containers), some local service providers offer free on-site staff orientations, training, tours, signage, and customer support to help your program succeed.