Step 4: Submit Your Proof of Undeniable Recycling ("POUR") Form

Once you've selected a service provider and begun recycling, you (or your service provider, if they provide this service) will need to submit your first Proof of Undeniable Recycling ("POUR").

The POUR is a form that allows #RTBD to track which establishments are responsibly recycling during a given month. After signing The PLEDGE, you will have 2 weeks to submit your initial POUR form.

Upon receiving your establishment's initial POUR form and verifying its eligibility, it's status on The LIST will move from "Pledged" to "Confirmed". 

Which means... congratulations!!! You just got on The LIST!!!

Please note that It is imperative that you submit your first POUR form within 2 weeks of signing the PLEDGE or your establishment will cease to appear on The LIST. You'll also have to (ugh!) repeat Steps 1-4 again.