66,000 pounds (33 tons!)

2,000. That's the number of garbage trucks per day that go to McCommas Bluff, the public landfill (owned & operated by City of Dallas) located on the banks of the Trinity River.

$.04 - the average cost to recycle one glass bottle with Recycle Revolution

10 - that's the average number of jobs created by recycling a material over landfilling the same resource.

1 - the number of glass processors in North Texas willing & able to receive consumer-grade bottles from commercial estalbishments. That establishment: Strategic Materials

$10-$15 - the average price, per ton, paid to recyclers for glass recycling. Glass recycling may not make economic sense in North Texas in 2016, but it still makes a lot of sense for the North Texas economy (10:1 job creation over landfilling), as well as your health & the North Texas natural environment. It also