#RTBD-Approved Recyclers

There are dozens of service providers in Dallas-Fort Worth willing to collect glass bottles and other recyclables from local service industry establishments.

It is important - and vital, for the purposes of this campaign - to note, however, that not all service providers recycle (or even claim to recycle) the items they collect.

In order to avoid possible misunderstandings between service industry establishments and their recycling vendors, and to ensure that the glass bottles being collected are responsibly diverted from local landfills, #RTBD has created a set of simple guidelines that vendors must pledge to comply with in order to become an approved #RTBD service provider.

Each of the below-listed providers has pledged to comply with the guidelines set forth by #RTBD, including the responsible recycling of glass bottles and the ability to provide customers with written proof of recycling each month.

  • Balcones Resources

  • Recycle Revolution

  • The Dove Day Recycling Co.

  • Waste Matters (Dallas branch)

If your current collection company is not listed above and you believe they should be, please contact us and we will reach out to them to inquire of their interest in becoming an approved #RTBD service provider.

If you are a collection company and would like to find out how to become an approved #RTBD vendor (at no cost), please click here.