What Does #RTBD Do?

#RaiseTheBarDallas (#RTBD) does a number of different things for a number of different folks. We:

  1. Provide Dallas consumers (residents & visitors) with:
    1. Information about the benefits of responsible resource recovery practices (like recycling, composting, and reuse)
    2. A listing of local bars, restaurants, hotels, and catering companies that engage in responsible recovery practices
    3. Simple, actionable tasks through which to encourage responsible recovery practices in their community
  2. Provide Dallas service industry establishments with:
    1. An opportunity to showcase and benefit from environmentally-friendly practices
    2. Online exposure via raisethebardallas.com, its app, and affiliated social media pages
    3. Assistance in locating responsible resource recovery service providers (such as local collection companies, processors, consultants, etc.)
  3. Provide Dallas green & recycling industry service providers with:
    1. New, unique opportunities to provide and benefit from responsible resource recovery services (including collection, processing, composting, consulting, and more) to the Dallas service industry
    2. Assistance in creating efficient tracking systems for the verification of responsible recycling
    3. A stamp of approval that lets customers know that their service offerings meet the highest environmental standards in the industry