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Why don't more bars & restaurants recycle already?

We're working on an official survey for this as we speak, which we will report on following its completion. When complete, it will be the first survey of its kind that we are aware of, and a helpful tool for all Dallasites (including the City of Dallas) to better understand our city.

In fact, if you work in the service industry, we'd be most grateful if you took a few moments out of your day to fill one out for us right now!

In the absence of a comprehensive survey of attitudes & behaviors towards recycling practices in the local service industry, we can offer qualitative findings based on experience in the recycling and service industries, as well as similar polls/surveys conducted by the City of Dallas.

Recycle Revolution (RR), which began as a Dallas-based glass collection service for bars & restaurants in 2008 (and has since evolved into a full-scale recycling & compost collection service for residences & businesses, including bars & restaurants) reports the following factors as the deterrents most frequently cited by service industry decision-makers who choose not to recycle:

  1. Cost / Budgetary Issues
  2. Training & Employee Education (including the creation of in-house policies & procedures to enforce recycling)
  3. Space Requirements (including indoor and/or outdoor space limitations)

The latest (2016) Commercial Recycling Survey conducted by the City of Dallas reported similar results, albeit in a slightly different order. In that survey, which asks decision-makers of Apartments who choose not to recycle.......................

  1.  "Space" (33% of respondents)
  2. "Owners/managers have not requested it" (29% of respondents)
  3. "Residents have not requested it" (27% of respondents)
  4. "Equipment/education/staff too expensive" (25% of respondents)
  5. "Other" (14% of respondents)

It is worth noting that the.......................... methodology / voluntary survey / grain of salt / approximately 25% of those surveyed responded

We at #RTBD believe that each and all of the above concerns are ultimately attributable to a negative cost-benefit analysis on the part of the establishment choosing to not recycle. We created #RTBD in order to address that challenge, and to make recycling worthwhile for service industry establishments.