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Why will #RTBD focus on glass bottle recycling during its inaugural campaign?

From a resource recovery standpoint, we believe glass bottle recycling is the lowest-hanging fruit on the Tree of Neglected Environmentally-Responsible Practices (aka "The NERP Tree"!) in the Dallas service industry. While food waste, cardboard, plastic (bottles, wrap, and containers), and aluminum & tin can recycling all hang from The NERP Tree as well, glass bottles present a number of unique characteristics that make them an ideal resource for #RTBD to focus on during our first campaign.

  1. Glass bottles are a relatively easy material to identify from a service industry perspective (a glass bottle is a glass bottle - regardless of color, brand, or otherwise - unlike a plastic jar, for example, which could be made from PET, HDPE, LDPE, PP, PS, or any number of alternatives)
  2. Glass is a relatively easy material to understand from a recycling standpoint (unlike food waste, for example, or plastics, both of which have sub-categories and rules that need to be heeded in order to successfully and responsibly recycle)
  3. Glass bottles are relatively neglected as recyclables within the Dallas service industry (the bottle recycling rate among local bars & restaurants is estimated by #RTBD to be less than 1%; unlike cardboard, for example)
  4. Glass bottle recycling is relatively impactful on the local economy, environment, and community
  5. Glass bottles are iconic and well-representative of the service industry (the ubiquitous beer bottle, liquor bottle, etc.)