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Why now?

Why not? A number of recent local developments make 2017 as great a time as any to make glass bottle recycling a commonplace practice in Dallas.

Here (in no particular order) are a few of the practical reasons:

  1. The City of Dallas passed a Zero Waste Ordinance in 2013 and is rapidly approaching its "40% by 2020" milestone (not-so-fun fact: we're only half-way there).
  2. Dallasites are recycling at home more than ever before, showing their commitment to responsible resource recovery practices.
  3. Millennials are getting older! Which is weird, but a reminder that an increasingly large number of Dallasites ages 21+ regularly use the internet to research bars, restaurants, hotels, and/or catering companies. (This hasn't always been the case by the way!) We can see food pics, read menus, and ogle drink lists, but we've never (until now) been able to find out how environmentally-responsible an establishment is. That's important.
  4. Public reaction to Recycle Revolution's memes about glass recycling in the service industry (from 2013-2015) was huge, and verified that resource recovery practices (or lack thereof) in the local service industry is an issue that Dallas residents felt truly passionate about
  5. It took a good deal of time to create a multi-stage platform capable of benefiting local residents (who double as consumers), service industry establishments, recycling industry actors (collectors, processors, transportation companies, etc.), and the City of Dallas. It's been hard work, but we feel like we've done that with #RTBD. :)
  6. We didn't have any seed money prior to 2015. (Thank you, Maria & Genie!) 

And then there's this: at our core, we're #activists. If we a) see an injustice; b) believe we have a solution; AND c) have the resources to make it happen, we feel some compelling sense of duty to correct it. Every day that resources are treated as trash, local jobs go uncreated, natural resources are further degraded, lives are adversely affected, etc.

Now is definitely the best time. It always is. :)